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Lemlem Foundation (Liya Kebede Foundation)

Lemlem Foundation (Liya Kebede Foundation)



Supermodel and designer Liya Kebede launched the Liya Kebede Foundation in 2005 to connect more mothers to healthcare. Our Vision is
 a world where every woman—no matter where she lives—has the best opportunity for safe motherhood. To that end LKF partners with leading organizations to promote maternal health advocacy and education and to strengthen clinical services.

LKF helps to make health clinics the safest places to give birth and supports maternal health literacy and outreach so choices around pregnancy care & birth planning are simpler. Its signature project, the Safe Mothering Initiative, is a model of care in Hawassa, Ethiopia focused around a 24hr emergency maternity center trained & equipped to provide a full range of services.

The Foundation is part of the international movement in support of universal maternal healthcare leading campaigns, press, social media activities, learning trips and events to mobilize new champions for mothers.

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