How to Support Your Favorite Charities While Playing Pokémon Go

By Angie McPherson

August 1, 2016


Are you trying to catch them all? Me too. This week I learned something incredible: You can play Pokémon Go and support your favorite charities at the same time. Here’s how.

In just a few weeks, the wildly popular mobile gaming application Pokémon Go has been downloaded more than 75 million times. The game has also helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities when paired with other walking applications such as Charity Miles.

Charity Miles is a mobile application that donates money to charities for every mile walked or biked. Currently you can support Shot@Life, Nothing But Nets, Girl Up, Every Mother Counts, the World Food Programme, and many others by simply by downloading the app, creating a profile, and walking.

“We’ve seen more than 200,000 new users this month alone. It’s the largest new user base we’ve ever seen and they’re super engaged with the app,” says Stephanie Bagley, COO at Charity Miles.

What makes this combination of physical activity and charity so irresistible?

“Downloading Charity Miles is a simple action you can take to help give back to your community. It also adds a new layer of interactivity to the Pokémon experience,” says Bagley. She personally likes to use the app to post photos of her Pokémon and chat with other Charity Miles teams while playing Pokémon Go.

“We even have teams that you can join in Charity Miles that correspond with the ones in Pokémon Go. It can get pretty competitive in there,” she laughs.

Take Action Challenge

Before heading out for your next outdoor adventure, try downloading Charity Miles. You can help promote social good, raise money for your favorite causes, all while enjoying a walk around your neighborhood.

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