Another Incredible Global Event Happening in Rio

By Angie McPherson

August 5, 2016

This week top athletes from around the world will join on stage at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro for arguably one of the largest global events in modern history. (Find out how you can watch the games here.)

Alongside this momentous event, hundreds of leaders from around the world are also meeting in Rio to draw attention to a strongly related — and less visible — issue happening around the world: Malnutrition.

“40-50% of deaths of children under five can be directly or indirectly attributed to malnutrition.”

— Roger Thurow, author of The First 1,000 Days

The purpose of the meeting in Rio this week is to help highlight the progress made since the first Nutrition for Growth summit in 2013 and to bring this conversation to a global arena.

Children who are stunted due to malnutrition are more likely to get sick, which costs the global economy around $7 billion dollars every year in productivity and health care costs. It’s also less likely for a stunted child to grow up to be a competitor at the Olympic Games, as access to basic nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life is crucial to ensure children receive to develop strong bodies and minds.


That’s why 10,000 people and dozens of Olympic athletes have signed a petition by 1,000 Days to help support early childhood nutrition programs around the world.

“40-50% of deaths of children under five can be directly or indirectly attributed to malnutrition,” said Roger Thurow, an author of The First 1000 Days in a recent Facebook Live interview with Global Moms Challenge. “It’s absurd that we’ve brought hunger and malnutrition with us into the twenty-first century.”

Take Action Challenge

Watch this video by 1,000 Days to learn how you can take action today to help support healthy families around the world. You can also help by signing their petition to support early nutrition programs.

[Lead photo of Rio de Janeiro by Leonardo Ferreira Mendes]

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