Newsday Tuesday: Moms Who Will Not Be Silent About Our Planet’s Future

By Jenny Noonan

November 10, 2015

Mothers Out Front is an organization of mothers (and many others) who “can no longer be silent and still about the very real danger that climate change poses to our children’s and grandchildren’s future.” Vanessa Rule’s passion was triggered by the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Now it’s sustained by the realization that her children will inherit a disaster if we don’t act on climate change.


GOOD profiles Rule and the organization she’s helped to create as part of a series on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals or #globalgoals.

“Because it was such a huge problem to tackle, Rule felt that a lot of moms put their fears about climate change into a box and avoided looking at it. She recalled, ‘Climate change had been taboo in my friend group of mothers. It was a voice of doom and a bummer.’’’


Mothers Out Front have taken an old school approach to a profoundly modern problem – house parties. Groups gather together to talk about the issues and determine how they will take action. Whether it’s personally changing how they run their household to become more sustainable, influencing their communities to change to more renewable sources of energy, or advocating and lobbying legislators, there are a range of actions to take.

In Rule’s home state of Massachusetts, she took this fight all the way to the Governor’s office. From GOOD, “Rule told (Governor) Patrick about the moment she witnessed her daughter understand the impact climate change would have on her. She was driving her daughter home from school when she was in 8th grade and had been studying climate change. Rule recalls, ‘We had just reached 400 parts per million, and scientists say the safest number is under 350 ppm and she had learned that today’s emissions aren’t going to be felt for another 40 years. I saw her do the math. She sort of had this puzzled look, and then I saw her understand the implications of this for the first time and saw the panic in her face. She asked, ‘Why aren’t they doing anything?’ Seeing my kid feel her future slip though her fingers—it was heartbreaking,’ Rule said.”

Take Action Challenge

Read and share the GOOD article on Mothers Out Front. Then add your voice to the global conversation about the upcoming climate summit in Paris this December, COP21.

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