Climate Change Means Tougher Conditions for Moms and Babies

By Winifred Pritchett

February 18, 2015

UN COP21 Paris 2015. Sounds a little confusing? United Nations Climate Conference of Parties 21 in Paris 2015. Sound even more confusing? We thought so too. With all the acronyms flying around, it is easy to feel like the Climate Change Summit coming up in Paris later this year doesn’t include us.

But as Global Moms, we recognize that climate change has immediate and frightening consequences for mothers and children around the world. We must be Moms for Mother Earth. Why?

Women are more vulnerable to the negative consequences of climate change than men.

Plain and simple, women around the world will be more negatively affected by climate change than men. For three main reasons food, water, and security. Women in many parts of the world are the primary care-givers for their children. When our environment and basic resources are threatened it becomes harder to care for our babies.


Food: Climate change means food sources become fragile and crop yields are unpredictable. Without a steady supply of food, many women will not be able to cook and provide meals for their children. In some regions, female farmers “account for 45-80% of all food production.”[1] For some women, lack of crops means more than just hunger, it also means poverty.

Water:  Climate change leads to droughts and scare water supplies. In many regions of the world, it is women’s responsibility in the family to collect water, not only for drinking but also for cooking, cleaning, and maintaining cleanliness. Without access to water, mothers and their babies will suffer.

Security: Women’s human rights’, especially those of women living in rural areas of the world, are often forgotten. Housing materials will become scarcer, making it harder to have stable housing for women in rural areas.  Women need equal access to resources and economic opportunities to prepare themselves for the onset of climate change.

Photo by Steven Klarman

So, what can we do about it?


Take Action Challenge

Be a Mom for Mother Earth. Start recycling. Seriously. Recycle something right now. Then teach your kids about recycling. Pics or it didn’t happen! (for real though, tag us @GlobalMomsChall in your tweet or Instagram pic!) Want to know more about the big picture? Check out moms like you taking action for the earth or sites like the Climate Reality Project or Climasphere.


[1]  Women, Gender Equality and Climate Change by UN WomenWatch:

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