Newsday Tuesday – New Superhero, Burka Avenger

By Global Moms Challenge

August 13, 2013

A new superhero has hit the television airwaves in Pakistan! The Burka Avenger is a mild-mannered schoolteacher by day, and super hero by night. Showing only her brown eyes and armed with books and pens, the Burka Avenger fights for “Justice, Peace, and Education for All.”


In an interview with NPR’s Audie Cornish, creator Haroon Rashid explains, “I thought of an idea of sort of, like, a protagonist protecting a girls’ school. And that’s how the idea for the Burka Avenger developed.”

In Pakistan, repression of women and attacks on girls’ schools are current and enduring problems. A female superhero fighting corrupt politicians and religious zealots is timely and appropriate for the show’s audience. In addition, there is a lack of entertainment specifically aimed at Pakistani children; most children’s entertainment is imported from Western countries. ‘Burka Avenger’ is a socially topical and educational program suited for viewing by entire families.

Take Action Challenge

Read and listen to NPR’s full report on ‘Burka Avenger,’ and watch a trailer (in English) of the show. Tell us what you think and share our new favorite super hero with a friend!

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