Moms + Tweens +Social Good

By Global Moms Challenge

August 14, 2013

As a teacher I always knew the most powerful learning came from students teaching, inspiring, pushing and motivating one another. I was reminded of this peer to peer power when 35 moms (and a few dads) and tweens came together at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner for the first ever Moms+Tweens+SocialGood event to talk about social good, technology and global citizenship.
It did not take long for the group to realize that the power and impact of the morning was going to come from within. Sure, we shared thoughts like how to find a cause or organization to support when there are so many that need our attention, and how to engage with your member of Congress.

But the real impact and inspiration came from the conversations about what it means to be a global citizen, and when tweens took the stage to share their experiences with social good.

The group was challenged to come up with a common definition of “social good” and understanding the themes quickly became apparent. Social good involves voices. It involves envisioning a goal to make an impact and getting started instead of over thinking it.

Being a global citizen means thinking about others instead of yourself. It means learning from everyone and everything around us.

The power of the morning came from the fact that sitting around the U-shaped tables were not moms and tweens that exist in isolation—for this discussion we were all partners. Our interdependence reminded us of why global citizenship is crucial. Adults were inspired by tweens and tweens were inspired by adults. We left empowered because of the collective discussion of each voice.

The conversation about how to grow global citizens is just beginning. ‘Philanthrotweens’ and teens are our future, but we are their models.

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