Marking Milestones: Blogust Roundup

By Global Moms Challenge

August 8, 2013

Last week we told you about Blogust, a movement for the Shot@Life Campaign to raise awareness for the need for life-saving vaccines for children around the world. Walgreens will donate a vaccine for every comment made on these blogs.

Blogust is well under way. Here are some highlights from the first five posts. The theme for this year’s Blogust is ‘Moments Matter.’

The Power of Post-Its by Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child

From her children’s first birthdays to wise counsel from her Nana about keeping and revisiting memories, Rebecca speaks of the moments collected as post-its sticking out of a book. “Like the love letters we used to write and pass in class. The ones we thought meant the world. The ones we have saved in our parents’ garages and read to remember. Those were as much our milestones as anything.”

2 is funnyBeing Two is Universal by Casey Mullins of Moosh In Indy/Babble

Casey lists the idiosyncrasies and characteristics of two-year-olds. Interspersed with photographs of her darling daughter, it’s a list which has moms nodding and chuckling in agreement as we can all relate. “Two is small enough to snuggle but big enough to test independence. Two means words only a few people can understand but everyone loves hearing.”



being threeThe Year of Three by Sili Recio of My Mamihood

Comparing the record-keeping she does for her own daughter with the record-keeping her own mother did for her growing up in the Dominican Republic, Sili expresses gratitude for the role her blog has played in helping her remember. She describes her daughter’s reaction to their more robust discussions: “I love those arguments because you are adamant about your stance. Complete with one hand on your hip, the other hand waving in the air and expressive face. I wonder where you get that from.”
Finding Yourself at Four by Dresden Shumaker of Creating Motherhood/Babble

“For my son, being four means a new discovery about himself hourly.” Dresden poses the question: What does four look like in your family? Be sure to watch the video, wherein she interviews her own four year-old son. Four is fabulous!

How Amanda Peet is Helping Children Everywhere – and How You Can, Too by Amanda Peet and David Benioff, via Babble

In addition to being an actress, Amanda Peet is a mother and an ‘Every Child by Two’ Vaccine Ambassador for Shot@Life. Read as she recounts moments in her daughter Frankie’s life, and talks about the significance of a child being five years old. “A child reaching the age of 5 is a significant health milestone in much of the world, it means that the child has a much greater chance of surviving to adulthood.”

Take Action Challenge: Participate in Blogust!

Have you participated in Blogust? Please take just a moment to leave a comment on these and other Blogust posts. When you do so, a life-saving vaccine will be donated by Walgreens to a child in need. Comments count!

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