The Most Important Thing: What Would You Grab if You Had Only a Minute to Flee?

By Global Moms Challenge

June 6, 2013

May is an eight-year-old refugee from Syria. She and her family made their way by foot and bus from Damascus to the border with Iraq. Their journey was hundreds of kilometres and difficult – they followed a rough trail in the cold while her mother carried her baby brother.

Since arriving in Domiz, May has had recurring nightmares. The most important thing she was able to bring with her when she left home is the set of bracelets she wears in this photograph. However May says, “The bracelets aren’t my favorite things. My doll Nancy is.” But Nancy was left behind in the rush to leave.

A young girl on the other side of the world saw May’s photo. One day a visitor brought a doll to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) office in Bangkok with instructions to send it to May. The gift was duly delivered to her by UNHCR staff.

This photograph is part of a series called “The Most Important Thing” in preparation for World Refugee Day on June 20th. With the staggering refugee crisis in Syria, we can be overwhelmed by the devastating losses. And we forget that there are children like May who are the faces of those losses.

In the first of a three part series leading up to World Refugee Day, we invite you to join us in sharing survivor stories and in celebrating the resilience and quiet strength of a girl like May.

Take Action Challenge

You can donate your Facebook status or Twitter update on June 20th, by signing up for this Thunderclap to spread the message of support and hope that May represents.

Donate to the Syrian Crisis Urgent Appeal fund here.

Learn more at MSN Causes. Explore the UN Refugee Agency site, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo credit: B.Sokol/UNHCR

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