Investing in Women Means Investing the World

By Global Moms Challenge

June 3, 2013

SHE_SummitA group of women leaders, entrepreneurs and social good mavens will be gathering at S.H.E. Summit in New York from June 14-15. This event will help empower and celebrate women, and cover  topics like investment in women and women-owned businesses. For people who like to invest and trade you can start a Prop Trading Career. Founder Claudia Chan explains: “S.H.E.” stands for ‘she helps empower.’ The entire world is realizing incredible gains because of empowered women and girls. We want to inspire attendees to live their most passionate and purposeful lives, which includes supporting other women, whether they live across the street or across the globe.

EGore_SHE_Summit_picWe couldn’t agree more. We had the opportunity to interview S.H.E. Summit speaker and UN Foundation Resident Entrepreneur Elizabeth Gore on why investing in women is investing in the world.

“Every piece of data we see tells us that investment in girls and women is the best use of your dollar, whether that’s nonprofit donation dollars or business investment funds. We know that women put 90 percent of their income back into their communities and families.” This compares to 30-40 percent for men.

Gore outlined the stark fact that only two cents of every dollar spent in global development is going to support girls and young women (20 years old and younger). Eight years ago, that was half of one cent per dollar. It’s clear that investing in girls is crucial to solving many of the world’s big challenges—there simply must be more emphasis on getting investment dollars to the right place.

Invest in a girl. She will do the rest.

“Every where I’ve traveled, from NYC to refugee camps in Eritrea, women are the ones building things from nothing — whether it’s a refugee who builds a corner store in a camp, or the growing number of women entrepreneurs driving the U.S. economy,” says Gore.

“Women tend to become entrepreneurs because they see an opportunity or something that needs fixing. There is a collective growth in that process,” suggests Gore. She concludes, “I like the way Claudia Chan (S.H.E. Summit creator) has approached giving powerful women a platform to come together– it’s a highly curated group of women who are successful, but also want to learn from each other.”

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Learn more about The conversation “Why Investing in Women is Investing in the World” with Elizabeth Gore will take place at S.H.E. Summit on Saturday June 15. The discussion will also include Rachel Lloyd, founder and executive director of GEMS: Girls Educational & Mentoring Services, an organization that serves girls and young women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.

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