Why is the World Focused on Girls? Malala Day

The world recently celebrated the first International Day of the Girl. One of the ways we marked this important milestone with our friends at GirlUp and their partners, on a marathon 12 hour twitter chat. Participants joined from all over the world—from Afghanistan to Tanzania, from the United Kingdom to the USA—to share thousands of tweets and links and stories about why girls matter. We also marked this important milestone just one day after Malala Yousafzai was shot for going to school.


Moving from Adversity to Global Action

What do you do when your life or the life of some one you love is threatened by an unknown ailment? For most of us, we head to a doctor or an emergency room. We call on the knowledge of specialist and we have faith that they will see us through. And as scary as it may get, we take comfort in the fact that we have access of some sort.

My family is dealing with a medical issue that has, and I say this as honestly as I can and with no trace of exaggeration, scared me like nothing I have ever experienced.  And IÍve _ weÍve been faced with some doozies.

My husband has a 6 cm nodule on his thyroid that may or may not be cancer. And in the time that it took for him to drive five minutes to the urgent care facility near our house (a trip that he made for something completely unrelated to this) and be seen by the on-call doctor, our lives changed drastically. In a matter of minutes, my familyÍs security has been dismantled and I am finding it hard to see the futureƒ

But I am trying to focus on the positives.

We have health insurance and access and a strong network of medical professionals to help guide us through the steps that we will need to take to reclaim that security. We are lucky because while this is our experience it is not for so many...

So for the second week in a row, I want to focus on gratitude. Last week a few of you commented that you pay it forward in an effort to show yours. I think paying it forward is an essential part of giving back. Personally, most of my focus has been on doing that within my own community, but I think it is time to grab hold of my fear and do more to ensure that others are afforded the same opportunities for health. Taking the Million Moms Challenge is a first step, but I know that I can do more.

This week, I want to know: how has facing adversity in your life encouraged you to give back on a more global level?


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