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Mothers, no matter where they’re from or how they live, all have one thing in common: they want a better life for their children.

A mom would do everything she could to keep her child happy and healthy.

We know there are moms around the world who can’t afford to send their kids to school, give them nutritious meals, or life-saving vaccinations—but we also know that mothers feel a strong bond with one another, and they want to help each other rise up.

This sense of ‘global motherhood’ is why we started the Global Moms Challenge. 

What We Do:

We connect moms in the U.S. with their peers around the world by sharing our partners’ stories and information with our community in an accessible, inspirational, and most importantly, actionable way. Our community supports the United Nations’ Every Woman Every Child Initiative to help women and children around the world lead healthy lives.

How We Do It:

Our partners work tirelessly every day to increase access to life-saving medicine, vital nutrition, education, and opportunities to empower women and lift up communities.

We’ll connect you with the stories and lives of the people our partners are helping, we’ll make their work easy to understand, and we’ll make it easy for you to take action to support them.

Sound like your kind of thing?

Join us! Sign up for updates (we promise not to overdo it), and join us on any or all of these social networks for daily stories and photos of the incredible work our partners are doing to boost health and happiness for  moms and babies everywhere.

Get Friendly with International Development

We know the feeling: you’re interested in learning more, you’re interested in helping, now if you could only know where to go.

We’re here for you.

Not only will we bring the causes to you, we’ll make taking action clear and easy, and we’ll break down the jargon and spell out the acronyms.

Visit our Get the Facts page for a quick and simple answers, and to ask your own questions.

Who makes this possible:

The Global Moms Challenge is an initiative of the United Nations Foundation, which connects people ideas and resources to support the UN and its causes, and is made possible by support from Johnson & Johnson, which is committed to showing that small acts of care can grow into a world of difference.

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